Brains of New York | A Higher Standard of Care
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brain and spine surgeons of new york

The Ideal Patient Experience.

In a city that gives you so many options, why do you feel frustrated with your healthcare experience? Could it be you feel like a number? Or perhaps you’re tired of getting shuffled around and having to wait months for treatment?


At Brain & Spine Surgeons of New York, we understand, and we share your frustrations. That’s why we provide neurosurgical services that cater to your needs, not the other way around.


Located just minutes from New York City, BSSNY provides neurosurgical patients the expertise of academic surgeons in the environment, comfort, and convenience of a private practice. Read more.

brain and spine surgeons of new york

Unsurpassed Excellence.

At BSSNY, our practice is built on a foundation of knowledge, commitment, discipline, and quality. Excellence is our only standard.


As the exclusive choice for people who want a higher level of expertise, BBSNY docs provide life-changing neurosurgical care to patients from all over the country.


Educated at the best schools, professors at the best universities, unsurpassed reputations – our neurosurgeons are as a meticulous as they are personable. We provide neurosurgical patients the expertise of academic surgeons in the environment, comfort, and convenience of a private practice. Read more.

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AXIS to Care

At BSSNY, we’ve developed a protocol that helps us help our patients achieve their optimal goals. We call it AXIS to Care and use it to help guide our patients on their personal journeys to restored health, wellness, and vitality. AXIS to Care is our promise to deliver an ideal patient experience.

Medical Excellence

We Are A Team Of Expert Neurosurgeons

Our patients have access to a team of neurosurgeons who are experts in their fields, with outstanding reputations and a deep focus on technology.

Satisfied Patients

Our Patients Mean The World To Us

At BSSNY, we have a long and established history of putting our patients first. Perhaps that’s why our strongest referral base is satisfied patients!

Complete Care

Conditions Treated

At BSSNY, we offer a broad range of life-changing neurological care to help patients get their lives back – all in the comfort and convenience of a private practice just minutes away from where you live and work.

home of bssny
Easily Accessible

BSSNY is a short trip from Manhattan by train, taxi, or car.

World-Class Care

Our surgeons and staff are unsurpassed in their level of expertise.


We never cut corners, and we never take short cuts. Period.

Patient Focus

While others may say it, we actually mean it and live it every day.

Long History

Founded in 1958, we’ve been serving New Yorkers for over 50 years.


We use only the most advanced techniques and equipment.

Don’t Wait to Get Your Life Back.